SterloMax Rub-in Hand Disinfectants & Sanitizers

SterloMax Is 0.2 Micron filtered, Fast acting and Ready-to-use without water. Pure, hygienic and effective during routine, high risk and outbreak situations For hygienic and surgical hand disinfection, and to sanitize hard porous surfaces Available in 2 variants. Isopropyl alcohol-based and Ethanol-based Disinfectants & Sanitizers


  • Propanol (Isopropyl alcohol): is the most common and widely used disinfectant within pharmaceutics, hospitals, cleanrooms, and electronics or medical device
  • Ethanol: is the most commonly used disinfectant in hygienic and surgical hand rub preparations. Ethanol is active against vegetative bacteria, fungi, and lipid-containing viruses. Ethanol shows highest effectiveness at concentrations of approximately 70% (v/v) to 80% (v/v) in water: higher or lower concentrations may not be as germicidal
  • Glycerol: Serves as an emollient to protect skin against dryness, dermatitis and helps preserve skin moisture
  • Hydrogen peroxide: A widely used biocide for disinfection, sterilization, and antisepsis Demonstrates broad-spectrum efficacy against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and bacterial spores

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